Since 2009, we here at nRelate have been recommending content to readers across the web. To date, we have provided billions of recommendations across more than 100,000 sites. With a scrappy and passionate team, we’ve built a platform that reaches more than 500 million people monthly.

We have built a valuable service, but the time has come to shift how we use what we have built. With our support, nRelate’s parent company, IAC, has decided the best way forward for us is not to continue to compete in the marketplace, but instead focus our efforts within IAC’s reference-style content properties. By the end of this year, we will discontinue the nRelate business and apply nRelate’s assets to IAC’s reference content portfolio to provide engaging content recommendation experiences for the millions of readers who visit these websites. Simply put, nRelate, the entity that provides recommendations to sites across the web, will no longer be a stand-alone business. Instead, our parent company has proactively opted to internalize our assets for competitive advantage, with the belief this strategy ultimately represents a bigger opportunity than our current path – a difficult decision, but one that makes a lot of sense, and one we both agree with.

There are way too many people to thank, but we do want to give special recognition to the following: the publishers and advertisers who have been loyal customers and partners. We want to thank you all for being non-conformists. We understand that there are many options available in the content recommendation space, and appreciate you using and valuing our product. We regret that we won’t be able to support you any longer.

Additionally, we want to thank IAC for giving us the opportunity to grow, as well as our core team and the many contributors from Ask.com, Ask Partner Network and the broader IAC family. You have supported us, kept us in check, worked until sunrise many a night/morning. You have made us better leaders. Together, we have built software of real value and you should be proud of that. We all made something special here and for that we will always be grateful and proud.

Now that we are shifting into solely being consumers of content as opposed to providers of content recommendations going forward, we hope to see the marketplace focus less on short-term revenues and more on providing a better reader experience. Ideally, companies in the space will aspire to what we tried to accomplish here at nRelate: more transparency to both publishers and readers about the ads that support the business. In the end, we wish for better quality content recommendations across the web, and for this space to be one we all can feel good to have been a part of.

Thanks again for all of your support.

Farewell FAQ’s


Do I need to remove the nRelate tags from my site? When?
Yes. Please have all code/tags used to access the nRelate service removed by December 31 2014.

How long will I continue to receive recommendations through my widget?
We will support serving recommendations until 5 pm ET on December 31 2014.

Will I be able to access my data? For how long?
Yes - all current and historical data is available through your dashboard, available at partners.nrelate.com. We strongly encourage you to download any needed data as soon as you can. We will ensure the dashboard is available until Friday, January 9, 2015 for your use.

When can I expect final payment?
This will happen on schedule as expected. You do not need to take any action to receive your final payment.

I have more questions - who do I contact?
We are here to answer any questions and provide product support through the services' closure. Please contact your account representative or support@nrelate.com

What are are some alternatives to nRelate for WordPress?

The following plugins are just a few of the many options available to WordPress users:

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Jetpack by WordPress.com




When will my campaign officially end?
All campaigns will cease as of December 31, 2014.

Will you stop serving my ads sooner?
We will continue serving all ads through our network until 5 pm ET on December 31, 2014

When can I expect a final invoice?
Invoicing schedule remains the same through this final month of December. We appreciate your timely payment.

I have more questions - who do I contact?
We are here to answer any questions and provide product support through the services' closure. Please contact your account representative or support@nrelate.com

Payment FAQ’s


Please see important Update  to the “Farewell FAQs” posted on the nRelate site.

As previously noted in the Farewell FAQs: below some important details as we wind down the business over the next 30 days:

Your nRelate Publisher Agreement Terms and Conditions and any associated Addendums, Amendments and Order Forms will terminate on December 31, 2014. Of course, this termination notice doesn’t affect any of our or your obligations to be performed through termination, or any obligations which survive termination.

On the technical side, you should plan on having all code/tags you use to access our services removed by December 31, 2014.  We will support serving recommendations until 5pm Eastern on December 31, 2014.

Current and historical data is available to you through our customer dashboard, accessible at:  partners.nrelate.comWe urge you to download all the data you need.  The customer dashboard will be available until Friday, January 9, 2015.

Your final payment(s) will be made on schedule, in accordance with our Publisher Agreement.  Except as provided in the Update below, you do not need to take any action to receive final payment(s).

We are here to answer any questions and provide product support through the services’ closure.  Please contact your account representative or support@nrelate.com with any questions.

December 19, 2014 Update – Please see below if your earned balance is USD$50 or less.

Publishers who have yet to receive any Revenue Share payments because their earned balance is USD$50.00 or less must request payment in writing.

Payment requests should be sent to the following: inquiries@nrelate.com

Payment requests must include the following information/documentation: 

US Publishers:

1. Form W9: By law, it is required to collect tax ID and filing tax classifications before payment is issued.

2. Supplier Maintenance and Intake Form:  To provide, remit to inquiries@nrelate.com and specify payment method (ACH or check by mail).

International (outside of USA) Publishers:

1. Form W-8BEN, W-8BEN-E  or other W-8 form (as applicable). In order to document foreign status, we are required to collect a Form W-8 before making payment.  If a valid Form W-8 is not provided, the IRS requires us to withhold 30% of all payments.

2. Statement of Location: This is necessary to document no US-sourced income.  The Statement of Location template provided must be modified to include your specific information in relation to vendor name, websites, and Agreement start date.

3. Supplier Maintenance and Intake Form:  To provide, send international wire transfer information to nRelate via the Payment requests instructions above.  In addition, a wire transfer fee in the amount of USD$35.00 must be wired to nRelate before we can wire the revenue share payment.  nRelate wire instructions can be obtained by contacting inquiries@nrelate.com